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Kyle's Story


Kyle Buckley was a healthy boy until his mum found a lump under his left armpit in November 2013 and a few weeks later his left wrist swelled too.

​Carol his mum took him to the doctors in Bolton and then Bolton Royal Hospital for tests and weeks later got referred to Manchester Children’s for scans and biopsy and on the 2nd January 2014 we got the devastating news my son had RHABDOMYOSARCOMA. Kyle underwent intensive chemotherapy followed by 30 sessions of radiotherapy and in Dec 2014 he got the ALL CLEAR , but on his 3 month routine scan we found out that Kyles cancer had returned but this time on his muscle tissue of the spine.

Kyle got through another tough year held his head up high and got on with it but then 2016 it came back again on his kidney.

Kyle wasn’t going to let the disease win he fought hard but in Jan 2017 Kyle became ill with pains in his shoulders and neck which doctors said would be his cold he had but these pains seem to go to different parts of his body and a MRI scan in March showed that our brave boys cancer was back with the vengeance and consultant could only offer palliative care.


We started to fundraise for Kyle to find treatment but it became too late and on the 15th September 2017 my beautiful brave boy Kyle passed away at home. We decided as a family to help the Chris Lucas Trust and we donated £30,000 of Kyles fund money towards researching and we will try to help best we can from now on.

We Need Your Support Today!

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