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World Cancer Day

The NHS is an organisation we all rely on from ringing for GP appointment to hospital referrals and now Covid 19 , to name but a few and cancer treatments .

We take it for granted any issues we have ring that number and get seen too.

NO charge it’s what we take for granted in our lives.

Sadly the NHS doesn’t have a bag like Mary Poppin’s it’s bag does have a bottom . This is when charities come in and support wards, donate to vital equipment and most important vital research.

During our son’s illness NHS were amazing done everything possible at the time but sadly couldn’t save our son Christopher.

We are not trying to be miracle workers but want to help and make a difference to Childhood Cancer this is why we work with ICR funding medical research into childhood cancer’s

especially Rhabdomyosarcoma which took our son from us.

We have raised over 2.4 million parents should not outlive their children.

Please check out what we do chrislucastrust.co.uk

4th February is World Cancer Day please show your support and make a difference.

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